Call of Duty (COD) has been a mainstay of esports for a long time, with top teams competing for big prize pools. Even while Call of Duty is doing well, its fan base is still modest compared to what esports like Dota 2 and Fortnite has amassed. Due to this, many top esports bookmakers like have been slow to endorse COD events, with only the flagship Call of Duty World League enjoying extensive backing. Based on our research in Call of Duty betting, we've selected some of the top websites for you.

OKBET - Best Call of Duty Overall Gambling Website

OKBET is the perfect place to bet on COD online. From Call of Duty World League betting to the World Championship, it covers the most important events. You may wager on this game using the money line, over/under, outright, futures, live, and prop markets. Many of these bets may also be placed here on other esports. Players may take advantage of several promotions and incentives at They allow deposits through several e-wallets, including Dragonpay, Gcash, Juan pay, Maya, and Grabpay.

DraftKings - Best Call of Duty Bets

DraftKings was the first sports book to open in New Jersey in 2018. Since then, it has developed into a superb online sportsbook that is now accessible in almost all US states. Cycling, darts, and volleyball are a few less well-known sports with markets at DraftKings Sportsbook. You may bet on Esports and various leagues and divisions within each sport on

Call of Duty Overall Gambling

Bovada - Lowest Rollover for Call of Duty Betting Bonus

Bovada's broad market variety makes it one of the top esports betting sites. It typically covers 8 to 12 esports events annually. The top three websites on this list provide more Call of Duty betting possibilities than Bovada offers. However, it at least provides various bet options and does an excellent job covering CoD.

BetOnline - Unique Features & Sportsbook Choices

Regarding CoD betting dominance, BetOnline comes in second place to BetUS. Moneylines, totals, early markets, outright, and live betting are just a few of the many available markets and wagers. Even if you already have an account, you may still be eligible for the BetOnline bonus and take advantage of other entertaining promotions.

Every game - Cheapest COD Betting Site & Ideal for Low Rollers 

Every game (formerly Intertops) offers coverage for a select group of esports, which occasionally includes Call of Duty. Even while the CoD coverage isn't quite what we'd want, it is at least present. Other first-person shooter titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six are also available for betting here.

How to Register in Call of Duty Online

You may register and start making bets on COD matches. Below are three quick steps for signing up for and using a COD gambling website:

1. Select a Trustworthy Website

The "Register" button is often located on the top right of the homepage of a top-notch COD betting site. It will start the registration procedure.

2. Enter Your Personal Data

After choosing the signup or register choices, you are required to fill out the registration process by entering your personal information, including your name, birthdate, password, and other data.

3. Put Money Into It

After registering, go to the checkout area. Choose a mode of deposit, select the amount you wish to deposit, and then provide your approval to complete the transaction.

Types of Bets for Call of Duty Betting

Call of Duty betting options includes match, series, and map winners as well as a handicap, live wagers, and parlay. The following is further information on such bets on Call of Duty.

Match Winner

The outcome of the entire game is the focus of this wager. To win the first Hardpoint game, your squad must go on a winning streak of six straight games.

Map Winner

A "map" is a single match played inside a COD game. So, placing a bet on which side will win a map or game constitutes a map bet.

(Map) Handicap

The ability of each side to win or lose the game in a specific number of maps is what determines a COD handicap. It is comparable to betting on the spread in football and basketball.


An outright wager entails attempting to predict the outcome of the competition and is common in betting in general. Even if they are less common, outrights are still used in the Call of the Duty esports market.


On the same ticket, a parlay type of bet includes 2 or more results. A parlay could contain, for instance, a map winner, a match winner, and a handicap. A bet must be successful if you win in every scenario.

Live Betting

COD live betting allows bets to be placed during a game. Live betting is famous for putting map bets since they become accessible right before the start of the following map.

The Best Call-of-Duty Betting Tips

COD betting's objective is to make money while taking part in exciting matches. You need particular abilities to outperform bookmakers consistently. Although Call of Duty betting strategies won't necessarily get you here, they will be a great benefit as you get started.

1. Know the Teams and Players

Esports online betting is similar to sports betting because you need to know the teams and players. This work for Call of Duty is familiar to Call of Duty League teams and professionals. You'll be better at CoD betting strategy and locating favorable odds after you have a solid foundational understanding of the teams.

2. Keep up with the Newest News

Esports competitors might not miss as many games as gamers do. They occasionally miss games and tournaments because of sickness, an injury, or other personal reasons. You may identify these circumstances and perhaps seize a chance before lines move by keeping an eye on the news. Many esports news sources also report on COD events.

3. Watch Previous Matches

Many COD esports groups practice against one another before a significant competition or event. Additionally, they frequently broadcast these games live. Everyone can view these exhibition games to get information for their next COD wager.

4. Study the Game and Have Fun!

To be a successful bettor, you don't need to be a great COD player. However, you must think about gaining a practical understanding of the games, and tactics. Betting on esports and watching matches are two effective methods. You'd better know how teams compare against one another on particular maps if you comprehend the games.

5. Profit with Call of Duty Betting Bonuses

There are COD online sites, such as OKBET, that give bonuses. Before making any wagers on the game, you should research CoD bonuses. A Call of Duty reward might be an excellent way to supplement your winnings from betting.